Art Centre


– Consolidates existing and expanding art programs in one area of a children’s camp – ‘Arts Village’ campus
– Main building to house fine arts, drama, audio/visual and culinary arts – with the flexibility to be used as an assembly space for larger functions;
– experienced as a creative hub with all activities visually/spatially connected;
– working space – not precious – allows freedom for artistic exploration;
– split level to provide stepped seating for special events/performances;
– use of exterior tented space accommodates larger occupant numbers in the peak summer season, mitigates direct sun exposure, and takes advantage of south and west views over the wooded valley
– Second building to house music, recording and dance programs;
– provides sound separation away from open concept of main building;
– exterior performance space conceived as an extension of main studio
– Both buildings designed as stand-alone entities so as to provide opportunities for corporate/educational/artist in residence retreats during winter season
– Envisioned as simple industrial structures with tented spaces providing additional program area while animating the overall form of the buildings
– The two buildings create exterior gathering spaces for campfires and other special events