Earp Residence, Niagara-on-the-Lake


A retirement project for the owners, the house was completed in 1992 on a severed portion of the property they had owned for many years. The garden was central to the design from the beginning with the house conceived as a garden wall closed on the north and east sides, open to the garden on the south and west. The owners’ house on the other half of the property was a converted barn which was later sold. Elements of the barn such as a heavy timber structure and a loft second floor were incorporated into the new house. The house was organized around a central two storey space reflected in the pyramidal roof which had one quarter shifted down to create bands of clerestorey windows. These windows bring light into the centre of the house and the second floor loft spaces. A diagonal axis through the house is reinforced by the corner stair and window with views toward Lake Ontario and the living room windows with views of the garden. Garden elements such as trellises, entry bridge, rear deck and fish pond were designed as part of the overall project to connect the interior and exterior spaces.


This house was designed by David Snell in collaboration with his father, John Snell.