Prince Edward County Retreat

(in collaboration with Wagam Inc.)

Located on a wind-swept property on the Bay of Quinte, the objective was to create a simple cost effective year-round retreat. An industrial aesthetic is used to create a contemporary form suited to the farming heritage of the area. The simple box is eroded on the lakeside to create covered porches and entries with an expansive deck that extends the interior spaces. The deck penetrates the centre of the building to carve out a screened porch which splits the plan to create autonomous guest accommodations on one side and a communal “lodge” space on the other. A view through the screened porch toward the lake is provided when entering through the landside entry portal which is extruded from the main box. Simple wood truss construction is used to frame the roof with scissor trusses over the “lodge” space to form an asymmetrical cathedral ceiling. A heated slab on grade with a polished concrete floor is used to provide comfort during the winter months and extend the industrial aesthetic to the interior.