1. Absorption
We encourage both our clients and ourselves to put aside preconceptions when approached with any design opportunity so as to remain open to the potential and evolution of the end result.

  • identifying questions, influences, objectives
  • site, people, environment
  • listening, observing, making wish lists
  • experiencing
  • documenting, measuring, photography
  • establishing financial requirements

2. Response and Emergence
From the onset of a project, a willingness to explore and to take alternative paths fosters a sense of discovery within the process allowing those involved to question, dream, and solve. The intersection of diverse paths may unlock unexpected results.

  • open analysis of all key elements
  • rational study of high level factors including sustainability, program, budget, schedule, engineering, construction methodology and specific environmental site conditions
  • abstraction of thoughts and words into graphics
  • ideas, alternatives, narratives
  • exploring, problem solving
  • creation of a specific personality for the project
  • the beginnings of three dimensional form
  • emergence of a concept

3. Concept

  • the result of absorption, response and emergence
  • this is the diagram and origin for everything that follows
  • the fully three dimensional interactive process begins
  • computer modeling software and hand sketches are used
    throughout to quickly test ideas

4. Development

  • the concept is developed during the schematic design and design development phases
  • close attention is paid to the tactile elements of craft, proportion, scale and perception of space
  • engineering systems are considered from the beginning and fully integrated
  • client participation is essential to make sure that the results are in keeping with the original objectives and the established concept

5. Construction

  • fine tuning of the design and adding the necessary levels of
    detail to convey the original ideas through built form
  • realized through an ongoing collaboration with the design team and builder

6. Inhabitation

  • culmination of built form and space

Project images from Leadership Studio at Muskoka Woods