Riverdale Residence


Located in the Riverdale area of Toronto, this home renovation provided the opportunity to create a new street façade. The original house was a storefront that had been modified with an inset porch and second floor balcony. The renovation was designed to re-capture the lost space for the living room and second floor bedroom by extending the house at the front to the limit of the existing foundation. A more open feel was created for the house with a better entrance and lots of natural light coming through the large new windows. The façade is an ordered play of different materials including ironspot brick, zinc and Trespa panels. The window frames and entry door are fiberglass with a custom finish to match the zinc. Inside, millwork pieces were designed for a window seat, bookshelves, media cabinets, storage and a sewing station. The basement floor was lowered to provide much-needed additional living space for this modest-sized dwelling.


Credit – David V. Snell, formerly David V. Snell, Architect