Wapomeo Lodge


Located on an island in Canoe Lake, Algonquin Park, this building provides the main multi-purpose gathering space for Camp Wapomeo, part of the Taylor Statten Camps. It was designed around the refurbished stone fireplace from the old Lodge. Conceived as a simple barn structure, heavy timber construction was used in keeping with some of the older camp buildings built in the 1930’s. An indoor/outdoor stage with a glazed garage door is at one end with tiered seating over a library space at the other. The main space features scissor trusses lit from above with skylights. The timber frame was manufactured and pre-assembled off-site during the winter before being taken apart and shipped to Canoe Lake in the spring of 2004. A large barge was transported to the lake and used to move the materials and a small crane onto the island. Using the crane, the timber frame was erected within three days and anchored to the concrete foundation piers. Painted wood siding on exposed wood studs was used to create an enclosure that visually blends into the camp surroundings. Custom wood windows and doors were built to match those used for the existing camp buildings. Construction was completed in August 2004.


Credit – David V. Snell, formerly David V. Snell, Architect.