Winter Station

Entry in Toronto Beach Winter Station competition for 2015.


– A strain produced by pressure in the structure of a substance, when its layers are laterally shifted in relation to each other. (Oxford Dictionary)
– Fracturing of rock formations is the result of freeze/thaw cycles over an extended period of time. The expansion and contraction of the water/ice within the natural striations and crevices create gaps and inhabitable spaces.
– Canted forms reference lake ice formations on the wind-swept expanse of the beach, with the potential for capturing drifting snow.
– Stainless steel mesh screens reflect sunlight, creating a crystalline effect.
– Unique patterns emerge from the accumulation of sleet or snow on the screens.
– The tops of the two shards have been designed to retain snow and allow for ice build-up. During the freeze/thaw cycle water will drip down only to refreeze in unforeseen formations.
– Entering the gap between the shards, the hidden realm of a glacial cave is revealed.